|6.9|Patchnotes For Dummies|

This was last patch, if you want to read the new one for 6.10, you can find them [here](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/new-player-advice-euw/9XfEFLOu-610patchnotes-for-dummies). -------- Hey! So, recently I started noticing that a lot of people I know don't read the patchnotes, because they are too "long", "tedious" and "boring". So, I came up with an idea. Why wouldn't someone compile and simplify the patchnotes, so they don't take that long of a time to read? So, without further ado, here they are. ------- # THE PATCHNOTES FOR DUMMIES - Patch 6.9: Midseason Magic ---- ##Mage Reworks --- So, the patchnotes begin with the new mage reworks. There are 6 big reworks, and 10 smaller ones. {{champion:8}} With the removal of spellvamp, Vlad needed an update. He has a higher risk now, but for a bigger reward. His passive now gives him more AP for less health, his Q's damage and CD has gone down but now has a special buff when you use it twice in a row, his E costs more and can be charged now, and his ult has a base heal. {{champion:90}} This guy got some more waveclear, and has a safer way of fighting. His new passive, Void Shift is kind of like a build-in Banshee's Veil. His Q's mana costs, CD, and damage has gone down. His W also completely changed, it now spawns Void Puppy's. When they kill something, another one spawns! His E's mana costs, CD and damage has also gone down, and his ult now has his old W combined with it. {{champion:69}} She now has the unique passive of getting MS per level, but not being able to purchase boots. Her W has a bigger AoE and applies a brand spankin' new debuff called **grounded**. Her E is now spammable even if her target is not poisoned and finally, her ult slows for less on targets who were facing away. {{champion:143}} Our most green-thumbed mage has gotten even greener! She now spawns seeds around her with her new passive, and her Q's damage and mana costs have gone down. {{champion:63}} The Burning Vengeance has gotten a new passive, which allows him for more AoE damage after casting 3 spells. The damage on his abilities has also gone down. {{champion:161}} The last of the big reworks, and also the smallest of them. Vel'Koz now has a new passive on his ult, which lets him deal _true damage_ to people he has 3 stacks of his passive on. And for the smaller reworks: {{champion:34}} Basic attacks go faster and her ult now increases in size {{champion:1}} Tibbers has a better AI and is able to _enrage_, getting extra attack speed. {{champion:9}} This guy has a new passive which gives him bonus movement speed after _not_ moving. {{champion:85}} The Ninja Chipmunk got some lower energy costs, and his ult deals damage longer. {{champion:50}} Birdman has shorter cooldowns, and heals less with his ult. {{champion:134}} Syndra has an updated passive, and a shorter CD on her E. {{champion:45}} Veigar got himself a new passive which gives him AP for hitting spells on champions. {{champion:112}} Viktor deals more damage over time. {{champion:101}} Xerath now gets additional ult barrages at higher level of his ult. {{champion:115}} Ziggs has a shorter CD on his ult at higher levels, and his W can be used to execute turrets. ---- ## Item Changes ---- {{item:3070}} Tear no longer gives mana regen, but does refund 15% of mana spent. {{item:3010}} Catalyst got a namechange, and a new passive giving mana when you get hit. {{item:3028}} Chalice no longer restores mana, but gives health regen when you have more health than mana and mana regen if you have more mana than health. Wait. That's the wrong way around. {{item:3108}} Codex costs more, and gives more AP. {{item:3152}} **REMOVED** {{item:3027}} Rod is now cheaper, but gives less stats over time. {{item:3165}} This thing lost its mana regen, but got a new passive that restores 20% of health and mana on kill or assist. {{item:3174}} The Grail got cheaper, and got a new passive, the same as Chalice. {{item:3001}} Abyssal gives less AP, more MR and is more expensive. Oh, and it also gives CDR now. {{item:3157}} Zhonya's Eggtimer got cheaper, but gives less AP. ----- ##New Hextech Items ----- So there are 3 Hextech Items now, all of them build out of the Hextech Revolver, share the same cooldown, and are AP items. Hextech GLP-800 gives AP, HP and mana, and has the active of shooting out icy bolts which slow. Hextech Protobelt-01 gives you AP, HP and CDR, and has the active of launching you a short distance forward and dealing damage. Hextech Gunblade now has a new active, which shoots a single target lightning bolt which slows and deals damage. ---- ##Jungle Changes ---- The dragon got a big overhaul. The normal dragon we all know and love is removed, and got replaced with 4 new variants. Every 6 minutes a new one will spawn, each giving unique buffs. These are the different dragons: **_Mountain Dragon_** gives you extra damage against turrets _**Infernal Dragon**_ gives you extra AP and AD _**Cloud Dragon**_ gives you MS while out of combat _**Ocean Dragon**_ restores 10% of your mana and health every 18/12/6 seconds After 35 minutes, the elemental dragons are replaced by the elder dragon, which is harder to kill but gives an extremely powerful buff. For 120 seconds, your attacks burn the enemies, the damage scales with how many dragons you have killed. Also, all other dragon buffs are increased by 50%. The Rift Herald also got a big change. He only spawns once now, and his buff is much more powerful. It doesn't go away after death, and builds stacks while no allied champions are near you. When you have 100 stacks, a basic attack will discharge all the stacks for 15-270 magic damage. Hand of Baron, the buff you get from killing Baron Nashor now lasts 30 seconds longer. All jungle camps now have a timer on the minimap to show when they are about to respawn, even when you did not see them die. ------ ##Turrets and Game Pacing ---- Turrets deal more damage after "Heating Up", have less base health but have base Armor and Magic Resist now. Champions who build AP also deal more damage to turrets in general. The overall gold rewards have also been reduced. Jungle camps now give more experience to people with jungle items, death times have been reduced around the 20-35 minute mark and the homeguard effect has been reduced. ----- ##Champions and Items ---- I am just gonna breeze through these, feel free to read along (or read the actual Patch Notes to find the complete information ;)) Azir will now push enemies over walls instead of pinning them to a wall, Illaoi's E has been changed so it automatically times out after 12 seconds, and Kindreds Q CD has gone up while in her W zone, but only early game. Nidalee's Q deals more damage the higher the rank of her ultimate is, Rengar's E has recieved some tweaks, Soraka's Q's slow has been decreased to 30% at all ranks and Taric's W and E have been nerfed. Teemo has gotten lower mana costs on his Q and ultimate, and Zac's blobs reform faster later in the game! As for the items, boot enchantments have been removed entirely, and the jungle enchantment Devourer has found the same fate. Bloodrazor is there to take its place though, with a BORKlike passive. Guinsoo's Rageblade now has Devourer's old passive with the Phantom hit instead of its original AoE damage after 8 auto's. The Black Cleaver now gives less AD at a cheaper cost, Spectre's Cowl and its upgrades have also been changed to give more health and health regen but less MR, and QSS loses its ability to cleanse Zed and Malzahar ults. Bami's Cinder got less HP and Sunfire Cape's cost got more expensive. Pink Wards now only have 4 health but regen it over time, Farsight Alteration got nerfed with higher CD's, Righeous Glory no longer speeds up allies and Warmog's Armor gives less health but gives 10% CDR to ease the pain. Grievious Wounds now applies to all healing instead of only self healing, the Relic Shield line gives less health, and the Spellthief's Edge Line now gives less mana regen! ----- Well, that was pretty much it exept for the bugfixes and the new skins (Iron Inquisitor Kayle, Cursed Revenant Nocturne and Black Scourge Singed). This took quite a while to type, but I think it was worth it! I might make a better version later which will be even shorter, but that's a story for another day. Thanks for reading! ----- These are the acronyms I use: AD - Attack Damage AP - Ability Power AS- Attack Speed MS - Movement Speed MR - Magic Resist HP- Health Points Sources: The Official Patch Notes of course! You can find them [here](http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-69-notes)
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