[LIST] List of Support Champions

2 years ago I start doing this list. Last year I updated it, so here's the latest version. Enjoy #The Type of supports * ##Main Classes: * Tank Supports * Juggernaut Supports * Controller Supports * Mage Supports * Slayer Supports * Marksmen Supports * Specialist Supports * ##Subclasses: * **Vanguards:** Vanguards lead the charge for their team and are specialists at getting action started. Their explosive team fight initiation seeks to catch enemies out of position while allowing allies to follow-up to devastating effect. BASE: {{champion:12}} Alistar (1350 BE) {{champion:89}} Leona (4800 BE) UNTRADITIONAL: {{champion:14}} Sion (1350 BE) {{champion:111}} Nautilus (4800 BE) {{champion:57}} Maokai (4800 BE) {{champion:516}} (6300 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:54}} (1350 BE) {{champion:79}} (3150 BE) {{champion:113}} Sejuani (4800 BE) {{champion:154}} Zac (4800 BE) * **Wardens:** Wardens stand steadfast, seeking to hold the line by persistently locking down any oncomers who try to pass them. Wardens keep their allies out of harm’s way and allow them to safely deal with enemies caught in the fray. BASE: {{champion:201}} (6300 BE) {{champion:223}} (6300 BE) UNTRADITONAL: {{champion:98}} (3150 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:78}} (450 BE) {{champion:20}} (450 BE) {{champion:3}} Galio (3150 BE) * **Juggernauts:** Juggernauts are melee titans who relentlessly march down the opposition and devastate those foolish enough to get within their grasp. They are the only subclass who excel at both dealing and taking significant amounts of damage, but in turn they have a tough time closing in on targets due to their low range and extremely limited mobility. As a support they are build very similar to tanks often picked in certain situations to counter a specific teamcomp. UNTRADITONAL: {{champion:106}} Volibear (4800 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:48}} Trundle (4800 BE) * **Divers:** Divers excel at singling out high-priority targets to blitz toward, immediately forcing those targets (and their teammates) to deal with the diver’s presence. As a support this is still a verry untraditional playstyle so don't expect a lot of support when you are playing it. They are useally picked as last resort to win a laning fase in a counter matchup. UNTRADITONAL: {{champion:59}} Jarvan IV (4800 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:80}} Pantheon (3150 BE), {{champion:64}} Lee Sin (4800 BE), {{champion:164}} (6300 BE) * **Enchanters:** Enchanters focus on amplifying their allies’ effectiveness by directly augmenting them and defending them from incoming threats. Enchanters themselves are often quite fragile and bring relatively low damage to the table, meaning they really only shine when grouped together with others. BASE: {{champion:16}} (450 BE) {{champion:40}} (1350 BE) {{champion:44}} (1350 BE) {{champion:37}} (3150 BE) {{champion:43}} (3150 BE) {{champion:117}} (4800 BE) {{champion:267}} (4800 BE), {{champion:350}} Yuumi (6300 BE) * **Catchers:** Catchers are champions that primarily rely on ranged fishing tools, setting their team up for success by picking out vulnerable targets. They bring huge playmaking potential without necessarily being the primary damage threats themselves. BASE: {{champion:25}} Morgana (1350 BE) {{champion:53}} (3150 BE) {{champion:143}} (4800 BE) {{champion:412}} Thresh (4800 BE) {{champion:432}} Bard (6300 BE) {{champion:497}} Rakan (6300 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:427}} (6300 BE) * **Burst Mages:** Burst Mages aim to single out vulnerable targets by locking them down and following up with a devastating barrage of damage from range. Burst Mages struggle heavily against beefier targets who can shrug off their initial spike of damage. As a support this is still a verry untraditional playstyle so don't expect a lot of support when you are playing it. UNTRADITIONAL: {{champion:99}} (3150 BE) {{champion:63}} (4800 BE) {{champion:142}} Zoe (6300 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:1}} (450 BE) {{champion:45}} (1350 BE) {{champion:7}} LeBlanc (3150 BE) {{champion:134}} Syndra (4800 BE), {{champion:127}} Lissandra (4800 BE), {{champion:518}} Neeko (6300 BE), {{champion:517}} Sylas (6300 BE) * **Battle Mages:** Battle Mages get into the middle of the fray, seeking to wreak havoc upon the entire enemy team with their overwhelming sustained area damage. Due to their relatively short (but not melee) combat ranges and the need to burn down their opponents over time, Battle Mages have significant defensive capabilities that range from sustaining endlessly to literally defying death for a short period of time. As a support this is still a verry untraditional playstyle so don't expect a lot of support when you are playing it. UNTRADITIONAL: {{champion:50}} Swain (4800 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:34}} Anivia (3150 BE) {{champion:90}} Malzahar (4800 BE) {{champion:69}} Casseopia (4800 BE) {{champion:163}} Taliyah (6300 BE) * **Artillery Mages:** Artillery Mages are the masters of range, and they leverage that advantage to whittle down their opponents over time from great distances. In turn, Artillery Mages are severely punished when enemies finally succeed in closing in on them, due to their extreme fragility and limited mobility. As a support this is still a verry untraditional playstyle so don't expect a lot of support when you are playing it. UNTRADITIONAL: {{champion:101}} (4800 BE) {{champion:161}} (6300 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:126}} Jayce (4800 BE) * **Assassins:** Assassins specialize in infiltrating enemy lines with their unrivaled mobility to quickly dispatch high-priority targets. Due to their mostly melee nature, Assassins must put them themselves into dangerous positions in order to execute their targets. Luckily, they often have defensive tricks up their sleeves that, if used cleverly, allow them to effectively avoid incoming damage. BASE: {{champion:555}} Pyke (6300 BE) * **Marksmen:** Marksmen excel at dealing reliable sustained damage at range (usually through basic attacks) while constantly skirting the edge of danger. Although Marksmen have the ability to stay relatively safe by kiting their foes, they are very fragile and are extremely reliant on powerful item purchases to become true damage threats. In the support role the reliable sustain damage has shifted into reliable poke providing more pressure in lane. OUT OF META: {{champion:22}} Ashe (450 BE) {{champion:21}} Miss Fortune (3150 BE) * **Specialists:** A group of champions that can't be placed in a specific class al all have their unique playstyle. BASE: {{champion:26}} Zilean (1350 BE) UNTRADITIONAL: {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks (1350 BE) OUT OF META: {{champion:10}} Kayle (450 BE) {{champion:31}} Cho'Gath (1350 BE) {{champion:17}} Teemo (1350 BE) {{champion:76}} Nidalee (3150 BE) {{champion:74}} Heimerdinger (3150 BE) {{champion:85}} Kennen (4800 BE)
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