Learning new champs and having fun

I'm a Silver player and one of the things I'm doing to improve is trying to learn the basics of new champs. You know, just the very basics, what their QWER do and getting a general feel. Every day I start with a match with a new champ before going ranked with my main. The thing is I'm not sure what type of match is best for that purpose. I started playing normals, but I don't like it for several reasons: First, when I try a new champ in a normal I'm way below the average level and I get destroyed. Second, it's not fair for my teammates, maybe I test a combo when it doesn't make sense gamewise and they think I'm trolling them, or I stop to read an ability description and they think I'm afking. Then I tried Co-op vs. AI and that works better because there is no pressure, nobody cares about whether you play well or not. But it's not fun at all and I feel that I don't learn much. First, there is no incentive to win, the win is granted before the match starts. Second, there's always a guy with a higher level who ends up with a 50/0 KDA and by the time I try to get involved in a fight he has already aced the enemy team. What I'm doing now is solo customs. I set up a 5v5 match with 9 bots and myself. To make things a bit interesting all the bots in my team are beginner level and the bots in the enemy team are a mix of beginner and intermediate. That way I have plenty of time to read all the abilities and items info and do all the tests I want, and there is still a bit of fun in trying to win the game (I often lose). It takes a while to set up the bots, but it's not too bad. What do you think about this? How do you approach learning the very basics of new champs?
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