Can i ask acouple of questions so that i can start helping teammates and not be burden ?

Hello. I am not exactly new in the sense that u just made an account now. Well i did but it was because i forgot my original one that i made 9+ years ago :D. When LoL was new my friends jumped on hte hype train and well so did i. Problem is i was never interested in these sorts of games. I even hated LoL but when i pleyed it from time to time i noticed its a game that doesnt frustrate me even if i lose. Its fun to me and im really into the idea of learning it. Im not gonna ask for eveything because its posted on the internet. What i am gonna ask for is how do i do the beggining battles and not die like a complete idiot ? I currently have two champs witch i like. Master Yi and Aatarox. I found a build on Mobafire on Master Yi that works for me and i do some good battles with it, but Aatarox is a different animal. With him i just cant seem to understand whats happening. How do i not lose on top lane ( so far i pick top since the builds i find are for top and i have a decent idea on what to do ) but when i get rushed by 2 on one i cant do anything. Also about the jungel part, This build on master Yi i have found has a alternate build that makes him into a Jungler but i saw videos and stuff that say you cant just fight whatever you want in jungle, you have to pick a right path and so on. Any tips on that too or should i go for it after i atleast get a grasp of the game ? There is sooo much stuff in this game that i dont know if i ask eve nthe right questions. Thanks in advance and sorry if i sound as a noob, because i am :D
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