To the new players (first moba/first online multiplayer game)

Hi everyone hope ur having a lovely day. I'm making this post specifically for those starting. Those who arent biased and havent heard all the league community is toxic jokes and the "insert ever changing champion name here" is freelo jokes. Those who wanna build 3 thornmails on ashe because our tutorial is amazing. Those who may somewhow have discovered this board but are like lvl 1-29 ingame still o.O And maybe for some older players who might wanna listen up a bit. For these people i say. This game is fun. this game is competitive and this is a team game. It will make u mad. the people will make u mad. they will say horrible things sometimes. and we know its hard to ignore. We know u came into this game to have fun and people who were likely smurfs (or not) bashed on u for feeding the enemy zed 10 kills in under 30 seconds. Keep one thing in mind. **We are all people here**. We all came here to have fun and we are all different. some of us are more serious about the game. some of us wanna spam teemo every now and then and just be a ward in the enemy jungle for 30 minutes. ** You will get angry no one is made of steel**. What will differentiate u from the flamers and toxic players is how u deal with it. Because at the end of the day its a game and nothing else and we have no right to ruin it for others. So i ask. and advise u. do the right thing. mute, listen to music, play with friends, just dont spread the hate. dont flame. dont cheat. (scream at ur pc if u have to) You will meet terrible people and nice people having a terrible day and im sure u dont wanna be one of them. so plz do the right thing. Trust me. This game is so much better wen ur not stressing out over others. So go find ur mains go find ur favourite lanes. go spam yasuo mid and ignore them haters :p. go try riven and fiora and suck at it. u have that right. Go watch them streams and lcs, youtubers and coaches, search for the builds online or make them up. same for masteries and runes. decide if u wanna climb the elo ladder,if u wanna improve or just win. or both. **GO LEARN**. whether with the help of others or by simple practice. you wont get it right the first one hundred times and everyone expects u to play perfectly wen they dont do it themselves. no one does. Set some goals for urself. watever they may be. but most of **all have fun**. Thats all i had to say hope the post does something o.O Thanks for reading Cya in the rift and uh.... i dont give out cookies so here is a sticker with my main champ: {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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