How to Escape Bronze

So recently i decided i wanted out of Bronze V (I know I'm a bad player :P) and I now i want to give some advice on how to climb in bronze, (This is for solo/duo and i am primarily a Jungle player) the way i began my climb was taking a look at my profile stats using and with this looked for the role and champions i performed best with throughout all my ranked games, after doing this i took my champions and cross referenced with champion winrates in Bronze using so for example if i saw that my Warwick is 100% Win rate, and on hes sitting around 52% currently i would play ww as i perform well on him and he does well in bronze. Other important tips are dont focus on your feeding teammates, as a jungler i tend to avoid ganking lanes which are super far behind, and gank the lanes which are ahead or even, for example this is one of my games from ranked solo/duo (I am duo with the Nami) Our top lane wasnt doing too well against Swain, the mid yasuo on our team managed to get some early solo kills and the bot was against a a lulu soraka sor whatever reason, instead of helping top i got yasuo even further ahead, and helped bot get ahead, and managed to counter gank the Olaf on multiple occasion. Top may not have liked my strat but we won, i believe top complained so instead of arguing i just muted his text which brings me to my next point DONT CAUSE PROBLEMS IN CHAT just dont, if someones annoying you, mute him/her its not hard, if your typing your not playing and your falling behind, thats not to say you shouldnt type, but only type important thing, like "back away and baron" or "drake now" Next - You dont need a tank or a mage to win, you just need to be ahead, so many times ive played a tank top because someone on the team wanted a tank, and then ive just fed like f*** because i have no idea what im doing. again play what you are comfortable with, if someone wants a tank they should be playing top/jungle as a tank Itemise - So as a secondary role i play top, and the amount of times ive seen a tank top build armor as a first item against me when im AP is ridiculas, learn what damage your opponent does and build against it, for example if your talon vs kata build maw of malmortias early to absorb some damage, if your against try or yasuo build randuins (really helps vs them as they are 100% crit champs) other tips, dont trade flash for flash UNLESS your garenteed to get the kill, one time i ganked the mid got the flash and was walking away when suddenly BAM, our mid waste his flash and blames me because i didnt follow his impulse play, its not my fault you wanted to flash when i didnt have anything (other then my flash) to follow up, and im not gonna waste my flash on something that im probably not gonna kill/get an assist on, id much rather keep it for when i get in trouble and need to flash away. Finally and most importantly play what your good at, if Zoe in general has a 40% winrate but you have a 90% winrate play zoe! if mundo has a 60% winrate and your mundo has a 25% winrate dont play mundo. Jungle Specific tips -try not to blow all your spells on a lane before getting flash, for example when i play Jarvan IV i walk up to the enemy from behind instead of E+Q-ing and try get the flash, after they flash you E+Q and R as they then dont have flash to escape (they may have escape in there kit but at least you got flash and damage. -Sometimes you dont need to even attack to get flash in bronze, the amount of times ive just been seen walking on to lane and the enemy flash's is insane, and in those instances i see them flash, and walk off lane, i got flash for a second of my time, thats a super successful gank in my opinion :D -Focus on getting your even or ahead laners further ahead rather then ganking for the lane which is behind,. Now ofcourse there are exception to this like if you cant gank for your other lanes because they are always pushed, or the enemy is dead before you get there, at which case gank your lane which is behind but just be careful if the enemy is too fed, and make sure your bot follows, otherwise youll just make it worse. but if you see your nasus is 0/0 and your bot is 0/5 gank nasus, hes already got a good late game, why not get him there earlier! -Know how well you can duel with the enemy jungler, for example if i am playing Reksai {{champion:421}} vs lee sin {{champion:64}} , i can safely assume that lvl's 1,2,3 and possible 4 im gonna lose in a 1v1 vs lee, so i avoid invading if i dont have near full health, and no vision. however if i am reksai {{champion:421}} vs Evelyn {{champion:28}} i will invade in the early lvls if eve isnt ahead as i know i can outtrade the damage she outputs. -My final tip is to learn junglers which can build multiple paths, like Jarvan {{champion:59}} , his build tend to be warrior, cleaver, titanic etc (mostly damage items) but in a pinch you can easily go cinderhulk, cleaver, Dead mans, Spirit and become a tank if your behind. same goes with reksai {{champion:421}}, though shes not as good a tank as pre rework reksai, it still works at a bronze level. Anyway thats about all i got, and this is just how I started climbing out of bronze, there is probably a better way of doing it, and if you have any additions/changes let me know :D
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