League of filthy smurf and premade %%%%s and borken matchmaking!

Just started playing this abomination. What a toxic community and a broken game. For some reason filthy smurfs think that they are doing you a favor when they single shot kill you and call you a bad player. Of course i am bad just started playing. There is no game without one broken Yi flying around the game and getting a quadras. Also me without flash or ignite i was getting matched consistently vs ones with those skills. I am out of this shit before investing more time into this mess. Also when you loose 5 or more games in a row matchmaking should adjust for your lack of skill but guess what that doesn't happen. And how the hell smurfs are not moved higher much quicker or matched vs their own skill wise? Such change should be fairly easy at this level to implement. This is saying someone who played dota and dota2 all his life. No wonder why dota is gaining popularity so quick. Basicaly this game doesnt even give you a chance to learn anything at your corresponding level. Enjoy the mess
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