I have a question a out skipping your promos

Hi to anyone who decided to waste some time reading this and might explain this mystery to me šŸ˜… So I'm pretty new to ranked games and system, I haven't really played a lot, less than 20 games in total. So what happened is this: me and my boyfriend decided to rank together, so we played the first 10 games, or you could say 9 because in my third game i disconnected and couldnt connect, which resulted in a remake and that counted for me as a lost game, so my boyfriend disconnected in his 10th game so we end up with the same rank (yeah it probably sounds stupid or even cringy). Anyway, we ended up being bronze 2 after a chain of "win, lose, win, lose.. " all those games. So after getting our final rank, we played another game and we won it and both got promoted to bronze 1 without any promos. We were surprised, but we just kept on playing. We had a small win streak until we got to bronze1 100lp, and as soon as i reached that, I've been promoted to silver 4 and skipped my promos while my boyfriend entered his promos. A few games before that he had been getting 1 lp less than me. So can anyone explain to me why this happened? Why did I skip promos 2 times while he had to play his promos for silver?
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