Is it always wrong to "steal" others' farm?

We had a Garen toplaner, he was good. I was mid and unfortunately, I was feeding ;( That garen was repeatedly creating what I guess is what they call a "slow push" against himself. That way he was repeatedly having a giant evemy minion wave under his tower, so he could roam, go back top, farm this giant minion wave, roam again. However, he was also repeatedly failing to get top in time. So his tower was in a danger. Whenever it looked like he was not about to get back top in time, I was going top and killing those minions, in order to farm myself and save his tower. This "save is tower" part was why I was thinking I was in right to "steal" his CS. But apparently he felt otherwise. He was ordering me to never come top to "steal" his farm. His minions were his minions, period, full stop. If his tower was to fall, good: he would farm those minions anyway. It mattered not if his tower would fall. It only mattered that he farmed his minions. I'm unsure. Yes, he was carrying us. So yes, it probably meant a lot that he was getting all the farm he could get. But still, aren't towers important as well...? Is it OK for me to come and "steal" some1's farm if this means that I save his tower from falling?
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