Champion Questions(Mid/Top Laners)

Hey everyone, I am writing this message as i'd like to improve in the game. (like everyone i suppose). I play since mid season 6 and recently finished my first ranked placements, ended up at Silver5 0lp which isn't great but I'm quite happy about it. Now the main problem I have is that I can only play 1 champion decently ( not even great but I tend to peform best with this champion. ) I know having a wide champion pool isn't great if you're a low rank and want to climb. but I'd like to play around 3champions maybe 4decently so that I can pick better into certain matchups and have some variety. I am a {{champion:55}} player right now and absolutely love the champion; will definetly keep playing her. The champions I'd like to learn are ( going to list a few I consider) - Mid: {{champion:134}}{{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} - Top: {{champion:50}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:92}} what's your input on those champions? are they worth investing time in? Probably only going to pick 1more mid laner and 2top laners to learn over time. If you main one of those champions could you possibly go over some things with that champion with me? can be by explaining here, adding me in game or talking of discord or so.. Anything works. Thanks in Advance.
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