Why am i hard stuck?

I know its probably stupid question but i have to ask, is it just me being too bad, and what is the problem, im hard stuck Gold 1/2, and i just cannot reach plat, never been plat, im gold for 2 and half season already, had promos to plat5 for like 10x and always lost them, twice won 2 first promo games and lost last 3 games so i failed to reach it, now, im not sure is it me, cuz im trying to understand what am i doing wrong. I watch Diamond,Challenger, Master streamers, they all pass Gold/Plat like its nothing, same as i pass Bronze, and im not sure how is that even possible, i feel like climbing is gambling, because you can have Olaf top that feed enemy Jax, and theres nothing u can do to win game, i was watching my replays and i cannot figurate out what am i doing wrong. I feel like i maybe just cannot reach plat cuz i dont deserve it, i mean, i play like Gold and thats it, but im not sure about that really, was watching plat players and i dont see much difference between them and me, so, any advice is welcome, hope that someone can provide something that may actually help me climb to plat and even futher later, thanks everyone and sorry for not that good english :) btw i play since s1 and im really really ashamed cuz im still only gold, like...i feel dumb, hows that possible {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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