Why Brozna?(How get better rank)

People alwayas when they in bronza or silver ask me "why im in bronza" or something like that.Because today you get faster 30 lvl and people go fast ranked wit weak runes,with some champ,1-2 main...Guys wait and when you think you are ready go ranked buy more champs and main 4-5 or more,you must have counter for some champs or if your main ban you can pick another.And runes,buy 1 or more page and make good runes,runes very important in start or later,about masteries i don't speak :D And don't start when season start wait little and when you have time play,play round or two on day don't play a lot of ;) I think i help you {{champion:245}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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