leveling a new account

https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=sbepi i have to level up a new account, because i want to have a secondary account. i don't have any problem in leveling from 0 a new account, but i see a big problem riot always want new player to join his own game (and that's normal, everyone wants it), but when i play vs a new player i can see the demotivation in them why a new player should play vs someone that has some idea of the game? why just don't make it like for tft? for who doesn't know what i mean, when u create a new account riot ask u if u wanna play league or tft, why just don't ask if u are new to the game or u are not new to the game? and who is not new to the game start level 20 whith x number of champion that he can chose throw a roulette of champions (as the sistem is now) but letting 20 levels to new players to understand a bit the game yeah, if a new player say he is not a new player, becuase he want to jump the "leveling part", that's not an our problem, but riot should help new player in not getting destroyed inside in my opinion i try to help them with runes etc after the game.....but someone ragequit and u will never see him again in league fo legends, and that's sad
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