Why Perma-ban f*cks up the experiance for new players

You perma-ban experiance players for being toxic: i know ,i was banned for that reason, i dont care, about that at this point. Maybe it was called for, as some kids are under 18 and maybe swearwords are sensitive to them. The subsequent consequence is that I leave the game or that I make a new account. What do you think happens when a lot of experienced players flood your game at the entry level (pre level 30)? Is setting up newbies against gold+ level players what you want the experience for new players to be? do they find that enjoyable? Banning peoples for flaming is not the right approach, those players, who are good players will create unbalance in teams at the the lower levels as they climb back up the ladder and that imbalance will make other players flame,who will subsequently also get banned and continue that cycle . The alternatively is to setup an adult server, its not like you haven't got the player base for It. If adults want to swear at adults, then adults can handle that themselves, by either muting the offending person, or admins can ban their chat options, perma-banning for bad language is not the right approach. Perma-ban doesnt work and is not good for the new player base, the ones i try to bring dont enjoy it.
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