I generally play mid or jungle but since i bought ezreal i really am starting to like bot ezreal. I cant speak for the rest of the ADCs but ezreal is sure fun for me plus i do well with him ingame. For mid i have {{champion:245}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} For jungle i got {{champion:32}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:5}} for ADC {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:119}} i really like all the 3 roles but i know a player can only choose 2 roles and i cant decide which to take. i have fixed my primary role of mid but cant decide between jungle or ADC i enjoy both of them equally plz help me. My Requirments:- 1] i dont want to depend much on another player to win games. 2] i want a pressure free lane but still have a good game impact 3] fun to play!!!! 4] role where i dont get flamed at 5] MOST IMPORTANT: even if i fail my role as a jungler or an ADC it shouldnt cost me my game. these are my criteria plz help me fix my secondary lane :)
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