Mentor System for League

at first ignore my English skills xD So i was thinking League tries to get New Player to Join the Game but everyone who play League longer know how hard it is for a new player to understand everything. Bot games are not a big help and in Normals new players get stomped by smurfs and leave league very fast. So i got an Idea how it would be if League had a Mentor System where Experienced player can help new players to find there way into league so they can enjoy it. Maybe new player getting a special button in the client where they can send a requst and player can see it and help/teach/or explane things about league. Maybe it can be combined with the Honor system, if you help people you will get Honor points/ or player that got there honor reseted have a chance ( doing a good thing ) through helping new player get some of there honor back. Or maybe something different as a reward Reword for the players that help new players. so would league get new players that dont get scared away from everthing new and smurfs and experienced players would get something in exchange or repay there bad behavior with something that helps the community. I hope you understand what i try to say :D ty that you take time to read this :D
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