What's the deal with Poppy?

Hey all, Merry Christmas! Hope you have a blast these Holidays, and/or spend some quality time with your loved ones. So, yea, back to the topic; I would like to ask about a champion I used to play at the start of the previous season. I remember I was doing quite well, so I decided to play her again, in order to main something and become a decent player. However, I have played about 18 draft games up until now, and.. are you ready for the results? 14 loses - 4 wins. It's so weird! I mean statistically, it's possible that I was unlucky with my teammates. But... I can't just overlook the fact I lose so many games. The weird thing is when I play another champion as support, I get better results (let's say 50-50) The goal here is to play better, not climb. If the first happens, maybe the second will come. But still, I prefer to play very well over earning a high Rank. So in that sense, I don't mind the results at all. But still, I lose to many champions. I'm not necessarily feeding, but I'm getting zoned after about level 3-4. From Yasuo, Darius, Nasus, e.t.c. And that's why I am asking. Has the champion become irrelevant, or should I worry about my performance? Thank you all! I hope you're doing well - Happy Holidays! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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