ADC advice when not getting along with Support

Hi, Firstly, I'm posting this as I'm looking to learn from this. My intention isn't to blame anyone else, but to see how I could handle the situation differently. I've had a couple of games recently were I've really struggled as ADC. This is on the back of a period of having some good games. I've only been playing a month or so, so still learning how to deal with different situations. The couple of games I'm referring to, I played {{champion:18}} (who I feel is my best champ), with the same {{champion:99}} support. I'm going to watch a replay of the games to see what I could differently, but I think I need advice also. During laning phase (and after) i'm stuck how to handle a support that doesn't, well support. In two the games, the same support AOE'd CS really impacting on my last hitting, didn't Q enemy champs, didn't use W, reactiveated E rather than letting the slow tick over, and I think I saw one missed R. The majority of the time the support simply EE'd CS. They also didn't ward. On top of this, I think I played against teams above my newbie skill level (these games were normal by the way) (I've had a good run, so maybe my MMR is higher than my skill level at the moment..?). In the first game, the support fed the enemy ADC a bit leading to them snowballing and then eating me up while trying to play defensively. In the second game I felt like I was 1v2 on bot. In both games I fell behind on CS, XP and Gold, essentially taking me out of the game. Once towers went down I roamed looking for CS and to try and catch - but obviously at this point I was a very easy target for the enemy and was getting focused, even in team fights. I competely cost the team the game by not being able to pump out any damage and getting squashed incredibly quickly. I tried to help the support, and ask them to help me nicely in chat, and what they could try to be more helpful... they were silent (potentially mute all, which is fair enough). I pinged for the team as I normally would, and also added a few pings hopefully so that the support would ward a little. I tried to keep up my wards when not running away... I genuinely don't know if the other player was very new, or trolling. To be fair to the rest of the team, there was no flaming/ blaming. I expected some to come my way (I think these have been my worst games since starting...), but it didn't, maybe they understood how I was struggling in this scenario... Anyway... advice on what I can do would be great! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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