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[](http://i2.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/facebook/000/845/746/749.png) **Here is a guide that I found in 2012 and I was thinking to re-write and update it.** **Foreword:** Before we get down to business I am going to explain briefly what to expect from this guide: A checklist will help you determine whether you are ready to play ranked. (for your own safety)By reading this guide you will - assuming a reasonably quick grasp - greatly improve your performance in both ranked and normal games since these tips apply in all situations. **Introduction:** Meet Madliv, who shall represent the majority of bronze players or anyone else who believesto be stuck in so-called elo hell (giving myself as an example even if I never was in bronze, but this can apply to everyone that once was a newbie) Hey guys, my name is Madliv and I've been playing League of Legends for four years. Maybe we've met ingame before. After playing ranked games for 2-3 years I am now maining jungle or ADC, 'Hey, ima try ranked.' Of course I only lose my lane if the enemy jungler ganks or my team mates suck. 3v2 isn't fair anyway and it clearly was our jungler's fault cause he's been doing minigolems at that time. In a moment like that I tend to write in All Chat: Me: "Hell, Dis Udyr never come bot for ganking, Lee sin was already 2 times here. Udyr: "Well, you're pushing the lane, and the bot lane is continously warded by the enemy team" Me: "We are stronger, so we have to push the lane to destroy the tower, towers win games,so just help ganking. Udyr never showed up at bot, guess he was just bad. End of story. Too bad this happens every other game and our jungler only drops by when my lane's pushing towards our turret. What also sucks is the fact that whenever I'm close to reaching silver tier I get some towerdiving schmuck, troll or leaver in my team even though I already got my first big item Whenever I initiate noone follows and they all just run away and let me die. That ain't fair and those guys should get banned. After all, I am the AD carry. I also don't get how Riot could come up with this system. I am supposed to be playing with Faker and Xpeke (I love this guys) but those useless mugs I'm being matched with keep me from rising. (LCS me) **About Madliv** In his younger years, when he first started playing, Madliv thought to himself: 'Hmm, reaching level 30 is gonna take a while but I don't wanna waste too much time on normal games. I'll just learn the game while playing ranked, no problem.' So Madliv did Countless exhausting hours of playing coop, custom and the occasional normal game later our beloved Madliv reached level 30 and a win/loss ratio of 0.9 (400 wins / 444 losses) (again giving this an example, my winrate is 60 this season, but you people should get the example) Unfortunately, young Madliv wasn't really into numbers so he queued up for a ranked game. This seemed natural to Madliv, especially since his football-enthusiastic neighbor Dave also tried to get into the national league despite his obesity. Because no matter how bad you are, you are still as good as a pro. So much for Madliv. Anyone who can find even as little as 5% of Madliv in themselves should read this guide thoroughly. ----------------------------------- **This guide introduces you to the minimum requirements to start playing ranked games.** Ranked means that you start playing League of Legends _professionally_.In order to be successful you need to familiarize yourself with the following points. Of course none actually needs even one of these to play ranked games, but then you needn't wonder why you can't get past a certain division. Now, without any further ado here comes ... _ **The Ranked Guide:**_ **1) Gather experience on the way to level 30. ** A fast-aging child would make quite the pathetic adult. Avoid custom and coop vs AI games. Those game modes are usually populated by elohell-diehards. If you want to play ranked, you'll want to learn as much as humanly possible within your first ~400 games. **2) Win/loss ratio** Ratios are merely an indicator for your skill level. Without warranty, there may be exceptions. Your amount of wins and losses at level 30 can be used to estimate where you'd end up if you started to play ranked right away. Here are some examples: You have a W/L ratio of 0.7-1.0 aka you lose more than you win? You're below average, in ranked that would translate into Bronze V to Bronze I. Your normal ratio is 1.0-1.1, you win about as much as you lose, maybe a little more? You're an average player, your place is Bronze I up to Silver III. Your ratio is above 1.1, you consistently win more than you lose? You seem to be above average, you could easily reach Silver I to Gold V. You have played more than 1000 games and your ratio is 1.2? You belong in a high Gold Division, maybe Plat if your ratio is even higher. To see them you'll have to play a (normal) game and wait for the stats at the end. In the upper left corner there are your Wins and Losses. ratio = wins/losses Or you can check your profile for that or sites like OP GG. This whole ratio stuff doesn't work 100% of the time, I'm aware of that, especially if you've played more than 1500 games. It merely is a rule of thumb that provides satisfying results in most cases. Of course, you will become a better player during your ranked career even though your normal ratio was <1. Just keep in mind that you'll have to work your way up from rock-bottom. _What do you prefer?_ Working your way up from Bronze V to Gold V, or effortlessly hitting Gold in 20 to 40 games? All in all you'll want to win more games than you lose because this ratio is probably not going to change when you first start playing ranked. And you wouldn't like to have the You-suck-in-this-game-stamp of being in Bronze V, would you? So after all everyone is allowed to play ranked whenever they want, whenever they can, whenever they feel like it.Likewise no one should be playing ranked, if they are eventually going to complain about the rating they are stuck in. Guys, if you are still in the same league after a whopping 200 games, then that's your friggin' elo. If you wanna keep rising you'll have to improve. **3) No excuses!** According to Madliv, his team mates are to blame for this loss. Bot fed hard with0/3/3 while he was 0/1/0. Damn elo hell, can't win with such dopes. Wrong! League of Legends challenges your teamwork abilities.If you lose more than you win then that's not your team's fault. Let's have a look at the statistics: Each team is composed of 5 players. Assuming you are an amazing player there may be up to 9 morons in each game, 5 in the enemy team and 4 in yours. That means: Players who've played between 300 and 700 ranked games have had plenty of time tomake use of this advantage. Of course I can't carry 4 idiots either. But this is about your stats. Why else would most players, even incredibly good ones, also have a large number of losses aka ratios like 700/500, 650/600, 450/500. This just shows how much of an overstatement my first sentence was. It's not always your fault when you lose but your ratio solely depends on you. That's why excuses ain't gonna help. No one cares about a single lost game even if you did your best. Bottom line: If you consistently play well your statistical advantage will make you rise. **4) No flaming!** {{summoner:14}} Madliv is prone to insulting his team mates when things start to go wrong. He calls them idiots, noobs, failers or fat, ugly virgins without a real life, hoping that would turn the tides in his favor. Not a good idea, Madliv! Just remember your school days. Everyone's been in an embarrassing situation once. Your classmates point their fingers and laugh at you. We've all been there. Do you consider that an incentive to try even harder?I don't. It makes me furious, sometimes too furious to carry on playing seriously. Oh boy, if even an adult loses the will to play, how is a child or teenager going to react in such a situation? This is how: They start feeding, leave the game or simple go AFK because they want the one who flamed them to lose. Or they start flaming back, compromising their ability to play. They will lose their focus, die more and make more mistakes than usual. Remember, he who types too much will lose, so don't flame! **5) Role distribution** There is only one champion Madliv really, really knows how to play - Skarner. After all he always ends up with great scores whenever he goes jungle. And yet, Madliv's elo doesn't seem to be rising at all - what a bummer! There's no point in being a one-track specialist because statistically you only get your desired role about 20% of the time. Even though certain roles may be more congenial to you than others it is recommended that you play each role at least 50 times before queuing up for ranked. Why, you ask? It's always good to know what the others are doing. You'll have a much easier time dealing with the enemy jungler if you have been a jungler before. It will also teach you how to handle certain enemies (e.g. baiting Sivir's spell-shield before a fight)Eventually you'll be able to play not just 3 but 20-40 champs. Is there one champion you keep having trouble with? Play that champion yourself and discover its weakness! Many times I've seen players trying to surrender because the enemy LeBlanc is wreaking havoc in mid. Though experience has taught me that LeBlanc is one of the weakest late-game champions, especially if your team counters her by investing into more Health. Believe me, if you somehow make it to late-game you'll also be able to turn 90% of such games around, no matter how fed LeBlanc is. **6) Never surrender!** {{item:1001}} Madliv hates to lose. As soon as his team falls behind or they lose one teamfight he'll start a surrender vote. _**No! Learn from your mistakes!**_ {{summoner:2}} One does not simply surrender at 20 minutes just because it's 7:14. Even 30-35% of the games I wanted to surrender could be turned around because thankfully my team wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. Play those games, learn to turn them around. Get the dragons, ward those strategically important spots near the river and around Baron Nashor. _From my experience I know:_ The more I dominate a game the cockier gets my play style, the more I neglect my team and what's important. This is your chance. An enemy may disconnect. You could get a lucky ace even though your team is behind. You just can't predict what's going to happen.Granted, this doesn't mean there's anything to learn from games with a 0:30 score or where the 5 of you are on a 50 seconds respawn timer while the enemies are in your base. Those really are over. **7) Skillshots/annoying champions (personal opinion)** {{champion:53}} {{champion:17}} Landing skillshots is something you can not learn from a guide. I know people who often miss because they do not account for the target's movements. Learn to play skillshot based champions such as Lux, Anivia, Brand, Ahri, Xerath or Ziggs. Mastering just a few of these will teach you how to play all the others as well. On low levels there's always the option to play annoying champions that people below silver usually can not handle. Blitzcrank, Thresh, Zilean, Anivia and Lulu are such champions. Keep in mind that you still need to know how to play these champions properly as they are also somewhat difficult to play well. Playing annoying champions to their full potential will make you rise notably faster. Blitzcrank's just terrific - he is completely unforgiving towards bad positioning (see 18) which is something bronze players and below hardly pay any attention to.Some numbskull is out of position, gets grabbed into your team and suddenly it's 4 versus 5. I know no other champion as rage-inducing as Blitzcrank; He can make your enemies leave, surrender or flame. Zilean (lower elo) is another good example for an annoying champion. There will always be situations where people run around in a throng. Since I play Zilean full AP my double bombs will deal more damage than any Karthus ult. On top of that blue buff allows me to permanently slow or speedup two enemies or allies respectively. Is one of my team mates about to die, e.g. our AD carry, I'll just reanimate them. There's nothing more frustrating than that! That means: Mastering AP Zilean or any supporter is probably the most signifcant boost to your personal experience available in this game: **To keep track of a teamfight.** _1. Watching all the health bars; the enemies', your team mates' as well as your own. 2. Knowing which ally needs your help to escape (or engage) or which enemy needs to be stalled. 3. Positioning yourself properly; You should avoid wasting spells on yourself. 4. Directing your damage towards the most relevant target._ Difficulty level => Maximum <= These tips for Blitzcrank and Zilean are merely my own opinion and in no way mandatory. Practicing skillshots, however, is. **8) Map awareness; typing ss, miss, mia, ...** {{summoner:1}} _In general: _ Typing ss/mia/miss is important when playing with strangers of inassessable skill. Type it whenever your opponent disappears into the fog of war and ping your lane if necessary. The enemy_ AP carry_ ganks you at bot? Your fault for not seeing them leave their lane and not warding your river. It's never your mid's fault for not calling miss! It is your training, your game; Learn to check the minimap every 5 seconds. It's not that hard, I don't even take notice of it anymore. There's no way to consistently gank our bottom lane because we have it warded at all times. I bet you'll recognize the following situation:You're the jungler, you go top to help. Botlane dies but you're the one getting blamed for not being there when the enemy jungler ganked. People like that are sapheads and have no idea whatsoever. He who wards doesn't die and makes it more difficult for the enemy jungler to do their job. Either your midlaner types ss, telling you nothing new because you already saw the enemy coming thanks to your impeccable warding or you're already in the middle of a fight. In the latter case neither ss nor wards are goind to help because everyone's just too focussed on the fight. From that point on only voice chat could possibly cause you to disengage before it's too late. So always call the misses when playing with strangers but don't rely on them to return the favor. Instead, learn to stand by yourself! ** 9) Item builds/Counterpicking** {{item:3041}} Keen wits required! Usually you don't need to bother with counterpicks below silver tier. Simply playing better will do in most cases. Four enemies are _AD based_? That's your chance for an easy win. Make arrangements with your team concerning who should buy Randuin's Omen and Frozen Heart. Get some health and focus their _AP carry_ first. In most cases an _AD carry_ doesn't need attack speed in their first item, Vayne being an exception here. As a matter of fact certain pros are rushing Phantom Dancer anyway, but unfortunately we are no pros. First of all, attack damage makes last-hitting so much easier. That alone justifies getting an early Long Sword, B.F. Sword.Rushing Phantom Dancer/Statikk Shiv makes sense if you need the persistent damage, e.g. for an early Baron attempt. As an AD carry you usually don't have the chance to continuously attack the same target. More often than not you attack once and back off - you're kiting. So damage has to come first; Long Sword or B.F. Sword into Infinity Edge, Blood Thirster or Black Cleaver, then Statikk Shiv. I also fail to understand why some people buy lifesteal right after rushing Phantom Dancer. Lifesteal is based on the damage you deal. No damage - no lifesteal. **10) Lasthitting** {{item:3301}} Madliv autoattacks minions. Pushing the lane allows him to take the turret and turrets win games. When the enemy jungler comes to gank it wasn't Madliv's fault but his jungler's because he failed to help Madliv out. Overall, farming minions is the best you can do. I've had plenty of games where I got 5 early kills, started to roam and ended up with less gold than the enemy carry who's been farming the bottom lane without ever killing anyone. In short: Practice lasthitting because it hardly pushes your lane at all. Instead, the lane will push towards your team'sturret allowing your jungler to gank and kill the enemies. Being close to your own turret provides additional safety, though makes lasthitting more difficult. (There are various tutorials for this on YouTube) **11) Kill-stealing** Madliv insults his team mates whenever he doesn't get a kill. He's freaking Skarner. {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:72}} 99% of all killsteal accusations I witness are unwarranted. However, I have to say that they've become a rather rare sight, at least in my league. But when I play on my smurf or when I queue up with low-level players I still see the occasional killsteal accusation so it seems to be a low-elo problem. Did you know that first blood provides less gold than what the two enemies gain for killing the one who scored first blood? Some pals like to type 'worth it' in such a situation but it really isn't. That's the reason why in my book there is no such thing as 'killstealing'. For each player contributing to a kill your team gains additional gold. You could just as well farm 10 minions if you don't mind this overstatement. It's a common misconception that kills are an indicator for your performance in a game. Bringing up your score in some kind of ludicrous excuse along the lines of 'Look at me, I did everything right' is in fact just this - ludicrous.If one player was to go Rambo and slaughter the enemies without even letting his teamscore some assist the result would be fatal. That one will get focussed down while his team who hasn't been there for the feast will die just as easily. At this point the carry usually types 'wtf useless team'. Just be happy whenever someone else throws in one more skill, unless they use their ultimate on a safe kill. Maybe they would have escaped with Flash, Soraka's Wish andZhonya's Hourglass or even worse; turned around and taken one of you with them. Anything can happen. **12) Motivating your team/Countering the troll (Extension of No flaming!)** _ Flaming_ most commonly results in the exact opposite of what the flamer is trying to achieve. Just imagine you're telling a joke but noone laughs. What a bummer, especially for you! It's the same with a troll; It's not like he's dying over and over because that's his understanding of fun. He wants to see you in a fury, so just ignore him, don't type anything at all. Eventually the troll will get bored because noone's taking the bait. Put yourself in the troll's position and you'll know what I mean.Unfortunately, this only works if all the other team members stay strong. As long as there's just one person paying attention to him the troll will keep up his vicious business. **13) Perfect warding** {{item:2043}} {{item:3340}} Hardly anyone is warding consistently even though it would help a great deal.Most players place a ward at Dragon, sometimes bot lane only wards their own brush.Always try to ward the jungle entrances/exits, if possible within vision range of a monster camp. This way the jungler can't even set foot in the river without being seen. **14) Duoqueue/Trioqueue...etc whenever possible (personal opinion)** The advantages of duoqueue are obvious. Using some kind of voice chat (such as TeamSpeak, Skype or Ventrilo) can already earn you a slight advantage as long as the enemies don't make use of it. You can tell each other when to engage, you are able to recognize good situations a stranger would simply miss. You ward your lanes, are completely ungankable and can expect help from your jungler because you never push.Read: There are fewer lanes to worry about. It's great to have one or two ungankable lanes, isn't it? From mid you can help out in all lanes and be present all over the map, just like the jungler.Ultimately, it's your own decision, though. I recommend securing mid and top. **15) Jungle control** {{summoner:11}} When Madliv jungles he first kills the red buff and then proceeds to farm the jungle -after all red buff improves his damage output. He refuses to counterjungle since it'sonly 'gonna get him killed'. Got red buff? **Go gank!** Now what does 'smiteless' mean? Helping your jungle to get red or blue buff without the use of smite means that they can go straight into the enemy jungle and contest one of their buffs. So ultimately you increase your jungler's counterjungling efficiency and reduce the enemy one's ganking potential, eventually causing them to fall behind and even lose the motivation to play. Sounds good, doesn't it? It's also extremely valuable to know when certain jungle monsters are going to respawn; Tellingyour team 10 seconds ahead of time that the dragon is about to respawn will increase your chances of picking it up and pulling ahead in gold.The same is true for the enemies' major camps. Stealing their buffs will slow them down and limit their ganking potential. **16) Dragon force (Extension of jungle control) ** Sometimes you have a competent jungler, sometimes you don't. Every now and then you getmatched with a jungler who is hesistant to even start fighting Dragon, usually due to lack of experience. Most important - like with all major monsters e.g. Red/Blue, Dragon, Baron - is to smite properly in the end. Dragon fights concern everyone, not just the two teams' junglers. Especially bot lane should help securing the Dragon whenever they can by pushing their lane and providing additional damage. See the enemy jungler ganking top? Great, go for dragon immediately! When considering to fight over dragon always keep in mind that Dragon is worth more than champion kills. Dragon = Permanent buff Kill + 1 Assist = 300 + 175 gold **17) Fine-tuning with runes and masteries** At this point I can just refer you to all kinds of well-received guides. Though, every now and then I see players (no guide authors) who have a total of 6-8 different stats on a single rune page. There really is no point in buying one rune with armor penetration, one with mana regeneration and so on... Specialize! It's important to use field-tested rune pages that have proven to be effective time and again.I will only name the most popular runes for each type so please don't post comments about you preferring rune X on champion Y; That's beside the point. Marks: armor penetration (strong in lategame), attack damage (better in early game/lasthitting) or magic penetration Seals: armor or mana regeneration Glyphs: magic resistance or cooldown reduction Quintessences: movement speed, ability power, gold/10 or health It might be a bad idea to follow one certain champion guide by the book because most authors have an extremely aggressive playstyle. A new player, however, probably doesn't have the author's experience and will get into trouble by running a damage-optimized build though they can not position themselves properly. Look out for general tips to get started but try to gain own experience as soon as possible. If you already survive 60-70% of your fights after dealing your damage you can go for a more damage-focussed setup. But if you rush into 5 enemies as Kennen, never making it out alive, you should probably try more defensive runes and masteries.Though, there are some very well-defined roles that leave little room for a personal note. Especially as an AD carry you'll notice the difference between 0 armor penetration and 24/8%from runes and masteries. I prefer movement speed quintessences on all champions because they suit my aggressive playstyle by allowing me to make plays and still get out alive. Though merely a fine-tuning for your champion runes and masteries can make or break a game. **18) Correct positioning** When Madliv plays an AD carry he's always in front of his team. This seems natural because he's got to utilize his range to deal damage and poke the enemies. When the enemies engage on him it's always his team's fault for not protecting him. Cursed elo hell! Quite possibly this is the most difficult point of all since proper positioning is something only experience can teach you. As an AD carry it would be inadvisable to venture out too far to the front, let alone facecheck brushes. As a rule of thumb: The tank, assuming there is one (there could be two offtanks instead), is in front of the team, followed by offtanks, such as bruisers. Behind that are the carries and a supporter who should stick with their AD carry and protect them with their life.At the same time everyone should try not to move too far away from each other. _How to avoid this?_ Don't just walk into brushes when most of your enemies are nowhere to be seen.Having one of the brushes warded could have prevented them from sneaking up on you. If your tank, however, decides to move on they should go ahead and check all the brushes one after another. AD carry and support should try to position themselves in a way that would make it for the enemy team (assuming they are waiting in the brush your tank is about to check) as hard as possible to engage on them without having to deal with the tanks first. This is probably one of the most complicated aspects of the game. There's always the risk of adopting an overly passive play style when trying to master this point. Map awareness and positioning, however, are the keys to winning a team fight. Not without reason it can take up to several minutes before professional teams engage on each other; Everyone's waiting for the perfect moment, waiting for one enemy to step slightly out of position, just far enough to catch and finish them off. Remember that only experience can truly teach you correct positioning. With every game you play you become more confident and eventually you'll position yourself perfectly without even thinking about it anymore. **19) The metagame** Rookies who've just reached level 30 may or may not be familiar with this concept yet. Concededly there are also those who refuse to embrace the established roles because they believe to know better for whatever reason.However, not playing by the metagame will make you a welcome target for all kinds of flame, especially in ranked games. That's a fact. No matter how effectively you can play an AD carry in top lane or how incredibly well your unconventional duo bot setup works; As soon as you die (for whatever silly reason) the game will be over because your team mates will start nagging about your picks rather than accepting that you just made a petty mistake. So what's the point of this metagame? Why isn't it like 3 top, one mid and one bot? League of Legends has been around for a while now and all along there've been pros looking forways to increase their chances of success.The current _metagame_ is the result. I will explain the current cookie-cutter setup, plus its exceptions. _Top lane_ Usually this role is filled by some kind of bruiser, an attack damage based melee champion such as: Irelia, Riven, Wukong, Olaf Gragas, Echo and Lee Sin Exceptions are champions like Singed, Teemo, Rumble, Nidalee and Elise/Graves Role: The top laner requires farm because they will be the one diving into the enemy team to go straight for their carry. A top laner must be reasonably tanky while dealing enough damage to force the enemy carry out of the fight. Those exceptions, say Teemo, are supposed to keep the other team's top laner from getting farmed by denying them lasthits. Their range also makes it easier for them to harrass and escape ganks. _Mid lane_ In most cases you will see some kind of AP scaling champion here. Ahri, Karthus, Kassadin, Gragas and Ryze come to mind. Though there are some so called AD casters: Kha'Zix, Talon, Pantheon and Zed Role: While the other team members are all about sustained damage, which can (to some extent) be countered by heals, the mid laner relies on burst damage. These champions also require a high amount of farm to deal a reasonable amount of damage throughout the game. Mid laners should more than anyone else try to stay alive or they will have a hard time trying to catch up on lost experience and gold.Because the mid turrets are exceptionally close to each other people consider it to be the easiest lane. No matter how much you push, the minion frontline hardly moves at all. This fact also makes mid the most difficult lane to gank successfully. Most of the time one escape spell is enough to get back to one's sheltering turret and champions without such spells have lost some of their former popularity nowadays. The aforementioned exceptions exploit this mid lane routine. They greatly rely on the elementof surprise to pull ahead of their opponent. Most of them rely on harrassing without taking damage in return. _ Jungler _ More often than not Junglers are, like top laners, AD based melee fighters. There are a coupleAP based ones and hybrids but most are bruisers.Successful junglers either are hard-to-deal-with counterjunglers or have great ganking potential.There's hardly any champ that excels at everything, though. Well, in theory anyone could be a jungler, even Ashe. Obviously, some are more efficient than others. Most top laners will also make decent junglers, which directly leads us to their... Role: It's the same as the top laner's, at least in team fights. Either dive in for their carry, or protect yours. Apart from that junglers are permanently running on adrenaline. They need more map awareness than anyone else, extreme confidence, a thick skin to shrug off flaming team mates and balls of steel to enter the enemy jungle. Warding the enemies' buffs is already a huge step towards taking their jungler out of the game. _Bot lane_ _a)AD Carry_ This should be a ranged AD based champion such as: Ashe, Caitlyn, Graves, Miss Fortune, Sivir, Corki, Draven,Lucian etc Exceptions could be champions like Teemo, Twisted Fate and Kennen Role: The AD carry is the third and final team member blessed with unlimited farming right. Their job is to deal as much damage as possible. Due to their glass cannon nature AD carries are paired up with another champion to support them in becoming an invincible lategame monster. A fully-equipped carry can only be taken out by another equally powerful AD carry. That is why protecting the carry should have top priority for the rest of the team. _b)Support_ Usually, the support role is filled by champions who can heal and/or provide significant crowd control: Taric, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Sona,Soraka and Leona are such champions. Once again, in theory all champions can support. However, pure damage dealers, say Katarina, would suffer too much from not being able to farm and eventually become obsolete.Role: At first glance, the support's got nothing to do except for healing the carry. But instead of passively waiting for their spells to come off cooldown the support can take care of the map awareness for other team members. Playing as support you ward your own lane and the nearest enemy buff. You ping lanes that are about to get ganked while trying to also keep the enemy carry from farming freely. Beyond that Randuin's Omen, Frozen Heart, Mikael's Crucible and Runic Bulwark are all valuable items for your whole team. This reminds me about my time being the nerd in school.Since I wasn't one of the 'cool kids' I was always lastpick for soccer and had to be the goalie. Though, when I saw that ball coming at me at full speed I was afraid of intercepting it and ended up hardly holding anything. According to the others I wouldn't have been able to carry the game as a striker so they put me in the most unwanted position, failing to realize that it's just as important as the other ones. Feel free to apply this to League of Legends. Same principle.Better think twice about who you want to support your carry! By the way, to all other nerds age 12-18: It will get better eventually as you grow up. Around my 17th birthday I began to feel more and more confident about myself. Today I'm 1.85m and reasonably handsome. Eventually it will turn out all right, no reason to flame people in an online game. **20) After winning a team fight** One of the most fatal mistakes to be made in League of Legends. While your enemies are pushing up the daisies you should be pushing the nearest lane unless the inhibitor has already been taken down earlier. In that case go for their Nexus turrets. Sometimes your enemies have a better lategame setup than your team. Especially in that case you'll want to push as much as possible and finish the game before the enemies outscale you and make their comeback. Afterword: **About elo hell** Just like there are the upper ten thousand in our world, there's got to be an elite in a game likeLeague of Legends. Not everyone deserves a spot at the very top, just consider the sheer amount of players playing this game. It's only natural that only a fraction of the whole playerbase is able to claim gold or platinum. (60-70% of people never pass gold V). Now why do 99% of the community believe to be in a so-called elo hell? They simply ain't good enough to be one of the upper ten thousand. This may sound demotivating but there's always got to be an elite. And it gets even worse: As soon as a player starts playing excessively their real life will begin to suffer. When such a player enters the game world just to get bashed there as well they will go nuts and start flaming. The ability to assess yourself is essential to be successful in life, even more so to play a team-based online game such as League of Legends. Just like in real life people will come up with excuses because it takes a certain level of maturity and strength of character to stand by one's weaknesses. Just too bad self-reflextion isn't one of the MOBA-community's strong points. There is no inescapable elo hell. Everyone can rise and fall freely. The higher you rise, the more fierceful the competition gets. That is all. The moment your reach your true elo, a place where all players are just as strong as you, your influence isn't significant enough to carry the game anymore. When everyone in the match is equally strong it indeed is completely random whether you win or lose. This is what some people may mistake for elo hell.In fact they should be calling it elo heaven because, just like me, they shouldn't have any problems carrying games on lower levels. Elo hell is nothing but a lame excuse for one's own inabilities. Remember, playing ranked means to play professional. What exactly 'professional' means to you is something you'll have to figure out by yourself. I know that Elo is not used anymore but think at it as a number, equivalent of the MMR. **Thanks for reading! Best regards** {{champion:72}}
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