How do i find my main role?

I mean, it should be like which do you preform your best at. Thing is, I preform very good at all of them.. Then probably I should go for the one that I enjoy the most, Mid/Top/Jg/Adc, oh look I enjoy them all. When I go ADC, I can do 2v5's I can do the job done. When I go top with Camille, I do the splitpushes. The good teamfights, the TP ganks. When I go Mid katarina, I do the 1v5 baron pit. The roams, and when I go jungle vi. I make their jg rage quit. Any ideas on how to find my main role? Or should I stay as I am now. Also I gave support a try and I do not enjoy it. {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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