What ADC fits me the best?

Hi there, I am a Gold 5 Ahri midmain who is struggling to find a secondary role. I am now searching since the launch of the new Championselect, without getting satisfying results. Midlane is without a doubt my best role, but the new Championselect requires me to play 2 roles and I can't only rely on midlane. Obviously I could dodge everytime I don't get mid but in my opinion it's a bitch move and the low priority queue feels not worth it. In the end I want to play the game and not wait all the time. Now since I started playing ranked this season I played Jungle as secondary and Top a little after. In the Jungle I play many Champions. {{champion:35}}, {{champion:62}} and {{champion:28}} are just a few examples. In the Top I play {{champion:150}}. Well I would like to pick Support, but you know how it works and that you will get Support all the time, especially because mid is highly contested. So my only option left is ADC. Afterall it's my least played and worst role, but I want to try it anyway. Well, my most played ADCs are {{champion:18}}, {{champion:429}} and {{champion:67}}. I don't played them that much, heck I didn't even got Mastery Level 5 on any of them. And oh gosh I suck on them. Especially on {{champion:67}} I sucked the most. I think it's because abilities and combos fit better with me than anything else. Afterall Ahri is the Champion I perform the best on. Recently I took a look at {{champion:81}} and{{champion:236}}. I never played them yet, but because they are ability reliant, I think they could fit my playstyle. Both of them are able to Kite with their abilities so I think they have a simmelar feeling as Ahri. --- --- --- What do you guys think? Do you think it's worth for me to check Ezreal and Lucian out? Or is there any other ADC that would fit me better? Or am I just a boosted Gold scrub who doesn't deserve any help :( I am curios. I appreciate any help I can get! :D #EDIT: After some games I don't think that ADC fits my playstyle. I think ADC will stay my worst and least played role :P #Thanks for help anyway
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