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Hello there, I have been getting into League lately and trying to play whenever I get the chance. When I do play, it ends up being a horrible experience. Games are filled with smurfs and I get wrecked by them, obviously. 8/10 Players are smurfs at least. And when I get my ass handed to me, my team flames me "Jng/supp/adc difference" and crap, but I'm just a new player and I admit that I don't know much about the game but what else do you expect from a new player? Is there a plan to do something about all these smurfs? Honestly I just want to get to lvl30 and get iron so i can get out of this garbage experience but Going from 16 to 30 will still take a long time and by now I know that my matches won't really change and there'll be +6 smurfs at least in every game. Maybe make a system where accounts are connected with Mobile numbers so you can keep the number of smurfs minimum (idk)? I'm pretty sure even after level 30 and ranked matches are also filled with smurfs. How is a new player supposed to get a hang of this game?
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