The real reason people can't climb out of silver/bronze.

Hello to whoever stumbles onto this post. You've probably played with/against me in silver 2/3 since I've been hovering around there for a month or so. Here is why I believe climbing out is so hard and why other people who are out of elo hell don't see it that way. Essentially we can all agree not everyone is as perfect as they say, I could say that I play as a super high rank and that my team is holding me back but there really is no reason for that and most of the time its not true. No you don't play like some pro legend in challenger, you play like a silver. But thats not bad at all because thats how you're supposed to play. You're ranked in silver and thus you play like that, your team usually has the same amount of skill as you and the enemy team, BUT there is always that 0/11 vel koz support or that afk akali that went 0/3. Because of these types of players you have to adapt even more and become more skilled in the game. As you train and become better you indeed gain skills that are of higher elo but you realize no matter how good you get you can never carry the game out. It is because to learn to play better you have to be put against and with more skilled players. Only then can you truly learn to play better. That means once you do get out of silver and enter gold you will then learn to play better (like a gold player) instead of a silver player. The problem here is that silver players are never given the chance to learn how to 1v9. No matter how much you practice in silver you will never get good enough to do that. You will get better as a player but the game still doesn't depend on how well you play. Another note is that silver players SHOULDN'T even have to learn to 1v9 as it's not really something you learn in that elo, but they HAVE to since they can't win otherwise. Because of this players in low elo focus on learning to play 1v9 instead of learning basic movement, map awareness, csing and others. So even if they get to gold they never have enough skill to stay there. It is very sad as to how hard it can get to climb in low elo but its not worth getting angry over it. As far as I can tell the best way to climb is to simply stay chill, don't get angry if the game is going to hell just let it happen and accept it. Most of the games will go like this and i personally dont know how to get out of elo hell, but I do hope I can one day figure it out. Its hard but no reason getting angry over it, no reason to claim your team is bad(even if they were) because it doesn't change anything. I'm not here to help, just point out what really is wrong.
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