I'm bad. How do I get into bronze 5 without unintentionally ruining people's games?

Yes, this is a serious question. This isn't my main account - just one I opened for fun. My main is a level 30. Also, you can skip to the TLDR if you're understandably not interested in this wall of text. I've been playing LoL for about 2 months-ish and I've definitely improved a lot since I began but, honestly, I probably belong in something like Bronze 4 or 5. I've been level 30 for a while but only recently did I decide to do a ranked match with my friend and it went... horribly. My friend was ADC and I supported as Orianna, which I know wasn't a great idea. I usually support as Lux but the other team had her as a midlaner and Ori was my only other character viable for support that I actually owned and was confident with. I liked playing with Nami/Zyra/Janna/Taric too, but I only get my chance to play them when they're on rotation. Anyway, long story short, we both got completely destroyed on bot lane. My stats were something like 0/7/0 by the end. I can get alright stats on normal draft queue and I know what I need to do, it's just that at the moment I'm not so great at actually doing it. I do want to learn the game and get better of course. I've been watching streams/videos etc. and I thought doing ranked would maybe teach me something because of course you can't learn without playing, but I've been put off after my first placement game. (Luckily the chat was entirely salt-free though.) I just felt like I ruined the rest of the team's game by unintentionally feeding. TLDR: I'm new and currently very bad at the game. I sort of want to lose my placements and get to somewhere in bronze so I can play with people more at my skill level - obviously without actually trying to lose them on purpose because that's unfair to the rest of the team. Is there any way I can 'cheat' my way there without accidentally ruining other people's games? How many lost games would it take for me to start playing with Bronzes?
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