Support main looking for a name change

Hey guys! ^^ I've been thinking about a name change a lot for the past few weeks. I mainly need something fresh and funny, it could also be somehow girly in the best scenario. I plan on playing Lulu, Velkoz, Brand, Nami, Sona, Rakan, Thresh and then occasionally Morgana, Leona, Soraka and Janna, maybe Alistar. The names I came up with (or found on net and liked heh) are the following: Pocket support DontTouchMyADC GetMuted Vel Played TryToCatchMe Purple Melody Sona hentai Tentacle hentai What do u guys think? Which one is the best? Don't take "it's taken" in consideration as its pretty easy to just change one letter. Or do you have other ideas? Any help appreciated <3 Also didn't know what board to fit this in, sorry xd
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