I have recently started playing ranked and quickly climbed up from Bronze III to Bronze I, so I am trying to get into Silver and it is becoming extremely difficult, normally I tend to do good and don't rlly "feed" however it tends to be either someone in the other team gets fed or some how a game which was easy was thrown very easily. I quickly wanna climb out of Bronze and get into silver but for some reason I just can't lol. Win games like 3 game streak then lose streak.. Seems to be the pattern.. I do get titled very easily. Any tips on what champs I should pick up and play to have a better chance at winning. I main Mid-1 Top-2 Jung-3.... If anyone is interested in duoing too I wouldn't mind I mean I guess I am exagerrating the Elo HELL i only just started playing ranked. I just wanna know what I should do to improve as a player and climb.. I have released that I do well in my lane But I get trigerred when someone else does garbage or bad.. Also in a result I seem to do worse because they are harder and tilt I think.. Advice Please..
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