Tips on carrying?

I've been playing for about three and a half months and recently I've noticed an improvement in my playing in the last few weeks since my recent winrate seems to be better than it used to be. In my improvements I've been getting much better scores than previously but I'm not able to take that and turn it into wins as often as I should as I've had games where I've been fed and ended up losing. How am I able to take being fed into being able to carrying a game or at least better help the one carrying the game? I get objective control is a big part but I'm not sure when I should be continuing to push my own lane or when I should be helping another lane which is probably why a lot of my games drag out longer than in high elo. Currently bronze 5 planning on trying to get at least silver 5 before the season ends which I think is possible for me now while this time last month I wouldn't have thought so due to my better performances but not sure how to put it to good use to try and ensure a win. Mostly play jungle with my secondary switching between mid and bot for normals and my secondary role is always bot for ranked although I haven't played a lot of ranked.
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