i am in desperate need on advice and tips to play Nidalee jungle and one day main her

so i am a kindred main for about 2 seasons and she was my first and only main after kindred became meta i started to lose interest in playing her and i don't get that special feeling like i used to get before i started watching LoL comps and i really loved the nida outplays and one shots, i looked up a few video guides but i didnt learn exactly what i needed to know, the videos that iv seen were telling me things that i knew already from being a jungle main like what to do when enemy jungle does this... or where to be. i need advice on how to efficiently take camps, how to path, and I REALLY NEED HELP ON HOW TO GANK, i am really bad at nida ganks, im used to kindred ganks but the way i gank on kindred does not work on nida, i also need to know builds, especially certain matchup builds, i.e, vs burst, vs tanks, vs 3 mages/AD i have played only 2 games so far on nida before i posted this and i will keep playing only nida jgl normal games until pre season, the first 2 games i won but the enemy jgl didn't know what they were doing in the first game, (good example, the enemy team is doing baron but their graves jgl dashes outta pit to try and kill our tahm kench, "a tank with 2 hp bars" so the steal was so easy with no jungler on it) and i got carried in second game but both games were so god damn fun to play on nida even when i was getting shat on, i want to main her in season 9 but i need help
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