I am bad at this game and don't know how to improve

Hello guys. I know this is probably not the right place to post since I'm not particularly new to the game, but I haven't been much on the forums and haven't looked around much to find a more suitable topic, so I apologize in advance if this isn't meant to be here. I've been playing League since season 4 and I'm currently questioning whether I should keep playing or give up. Over time, I've had my share of victories, fun games and successes but overall I haven't improved at all. Despite the fact that I play quite frequently, I tend to always be the worst in my team. I tried all kinds of techniques such as warding and playing safe but it just seems that no matter what I do, I always get outtraded by the enemy champion. I don't remember the last time when I won my lane. I struggle especially on top, where no matter what I do, I still lose all the time. I tried playing OP champs like Jax and Vladimir but I still lost pretty hard. I'm getting pretty frustrated because even though I've tried my best, all I did was lose continuously. Right now I'm literally on the brink of being demoted to S2 (I made my way up from Bronze 1 to Silver 1 on my own which is something I'm kind of proud about, but I know it's not much to other people). There isn't a single role that I can play decently. I can barely farm and I'm always behind when it comes to cs. Whenever I try to trade, the enemy champion always has more damage than me or ends up getting a gank from their jungler and killing me. I watch competititve players and streams consistently but it seems like it's all in vain. I'm really tired of being so INCREDIBLY bad and I consider quitting the game if I don't improve in the near future (even though I like the game and I would really want to learn how to play properly). Can anyone please give me some tips on how to learn to play better? Watching streams and self-improvement hasn't done much, as you can see...had these methods worked, I wouldn't be here posting this after so many years of LoL. But I'm literally desperate to hear some advice on my situation. I'm so bad it hurts. Is it time to give up? {{item:3070}}
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