[help] Finding my main

Hello :) I am a new player here and due to my age/school I can't really play very actively, so there's no time (and money) for trying all the champs, so I would be glad, if I get some tips who could be my main. For the role, I am born to be a marksman/just ADC, I prefer to do big damages from a distance, and have a good amount of HP /cuz I always have to plunge for an enemy champ to knock it down/ Recently I played for Ashe and now I am getting into Twitch. I am still playing bots after the few days, and I really did well with Ashe, but I felt I still could do better, so I started playing Twitch, but he gets into his best in the late-game, and the game many times ends earlier, so it's not that easy to perfectize my skills with him. So, I would like to ask, what early->mid-game ADC would you recommend me? Thank you very much :)
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