Has anyone experience with Mid/Support?

Heya! Since I started in LoL Support was my secondary role, but since the new Champion select (Season 6) I dropped Support, because I thought If I queue up as Support I would get it all the time. But because I wanted to get Mid too, I never played Support since. Throughout the whole Season i struggled to find a secondary role. ADC is by far my worst role. In Top I am also not that successful. My Jungle is kinda okay, but way worse than I want it to be. I decided to go OTP Ahri next Season, but then I started thinking and now it feels kinda wrong. Now after one year, I thought comming back to Support, risking to play Mid never again. But before I break the ice, I want to ask if anyone has experience with queueing up as Mid/Support. How often did you got Mid? I would like to hear your experiences. Thanks in advance!
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