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Hello everyone, I'm a pretty new to league, started playing at the begining of 2016 an i hit level 30 this month. I have about 120 wins in summoners rift and a few in ARAM that i play only with friends. My question is when is a good time to start playing ranked games, i played every role but mostly mid and adc, im better at mid i think. Mostly play talon but learning viktor and anivia on mid.. And adc it used to be lucian but now its mostly varus. I bought that champions bundle for 3000 rp so i got every position covered. I feel like i wont be really good at ranked, but im thinking maybe it will be good to be placed in bronze or whatever to play the people of my skill level, because in normals i play with people with 500-3000 wins, almost every game there are at least 2 people on the enemy team with over 1000 wins and I'm always the one with least wins, I consider my self lucky if i play against someone with 400 wins, will this change in ranked or what? Also all tips are wellcome =), i know i got to work on my cs-ing and buying wards that i often forget...
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