[HELP] Recommend me a champion

HELLO to all League of Legends players especially to Challengers and Bronze V players. I need help from you guys, so I hope you will be able to help me. So I've been playing this game for about a month and I'm playing it with my two favorite champions Miss Fortune and Ashe. Both of them are really good (both front and behind) and beginner friendly and I enjoy playing with them, but I would like to play good with other champions as well, but whenever I'm playing with other champions I don't know very well, they kill me and I get mad. And then I have to punch my.. I found out that I really like the Marksman champions because I'm losing my shit every time when I need to get closer to the enemy. So can you recommend me a Marksman or a Mage champion (If there's any) that has: one good attack ability one good ability to damage more minions at the same time (or the one enemy) and one powerful ability like Miss Fortune's Bullet Time And the last thing, that champion has to be female, because I have fetish on female champions. Please, someone help me. Whoever post a recommendation of a champion in this thread, I will reply with a heart. Here's the small list of the hottest female champions in the League of Legends: 1. {{champion:21}} <3 2. {{champion:22}} <3 3. {{champion:39}} <3 4. {{champion:55}} <3 5. {{champion:498}} <3
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