I get matched with Silver and Gold Players in Normal Draft. It's the worst experience I ever had.

Before reaching Level 30, I had of course a few Smurfs as Enemies and in my Team. But most of the time I had enemies that were near my level, and I rarely got outfarmed, never fed the enemy, and were useful in late game. Now, after reaching Level 30, I get matched with Gold and Silver Players which have a Player level above 100. My Top lane opponents have Mastery Level 7 on their champ and play since Season 4,5 or 6. Once they outfarmed me, which they do easily in the first minutes, they start to kill me, even under tower. I can play as safe as possible, the enemy Jungler will come and I get 1v2ed to death. When I started a month ago I thought "Well it seems actually fun and I'm not completely shit.". Now I guess I won't ever be a decent player. Why can't they just match me with Irons and unranked players and let me enjoy Normal games instead of having to sweat blood for a NORMAL Draft or Blind pick match.
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