New to ADC

Hi, so I recently finally reached Silver IV because I stopped playing support and tried ADC. I'm sure I got lucky and managed to get into Silver with ADC. Anyway, I hoping someone around here could potentially link me some ADC guides or something? I did try to search boards but was unsuccessful. I was also wondering if someone could tell me how I can go about improving as an ADC? I have watched some videos by FSN Saber who talks about lane things and team fight positioning. Of course when I tried to do these things it all goes to shit. Right now, I'm really into Kai'sa but sadly she is either banned or picked every few games. Are there alternatives to her? I have tried Lucian again and again but every game I'm just %%%%ing feeding and it feels so sad. I watch the replay and I just don't know wtf Im thinking, why am i even that close up anyway??? I have also tried Tristana but for some reason I'm pure shit with her as well.... I guess I have been shit with everyone. What is the way to get better, to improve and to truly dominate as the ADC in games? Thanks a bunch
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