Stuck in silver while working really hard

So. I'm playing the game for 4 months and i'm the kind of person that really takes climbing as a challenge and plays too much to reach a specific division. I know that awareness.and Warding are important but i just still lose! i put all my efforts on csing ; tbh not great at warding. i just ward from time to time at any bush not at critical places.. and even when i win lane i don't crush the game and carry. it's all about time and i won't be strong again. so my champion pool is top renekton/nasus mid akali (less played role) support sona and i play Kai sa for bottom lane.. TOP Is my main role .. so: any advice? I don't see any improvement on my current state In a nutshell: when i win lane. i dont carry when i lose lane i try to play safe but we still lose the game The only chance for winning is that i win game and someone else wins his lane and we carry together or he carries on his own.. I really gave up top and trying to get into bottom lane with Kaisa now hoping that it'll improve my gameplay as winning the lane is for 2 persons not one.. Any suggestions?
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