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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me some Brand tips or general guide - usually as support. I've been looking over YouTube and twitch but have been unable to find anymore or anyone who plays Brand Support. Right now, I would say I am okay with him but really wanna get good with him. Not sure where to look. Tried to search here on the boards but many posts regarding brand are out dated or the page is not in English. I have seen Brand specific guides on YouTube from Bizzleberry, proguides etc and tried to mimic what they teach but for some reason.. I'm just no good at it. Not very sure how to get even better - guess I have hit a plateau. I am not sure if its the champion or my general gameplay which is not winning lane/surviving better. I think 3 deaths is even too much let alone 10/12 that happens sometimes. Are there any Brand mains out there that could provide direct advice? Usually I engage with EQW and use my ult to bounce off minions and such if I need to stack the passive. But there must be other ways I dont know about? I don't know. Hit a wall. Thanks a bunch, Bear

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