Is this normal once you just started the game?

Hey all, So I’m level 24 now... up until level 10/15 I had no idea what each champion was supposed to do and where it was supposed to go xD so I just played anything everywhere :p but then I found Master Yi, and started playing him jungle non stop and most of my time here from level 15+ I basically played only him. This has led to: 1) a good understanding and mastering of Master Yi. During An average battle (meaning I’m no true having a super bad game xD) id have atleast a positive K/D ratio, and normally the highest level in the game. 2) a very bad understanding of well... every other champion. Well, I have fiddlesticks whom I’m like 50% less confident in than Master Yi, but the rest... I just suck. So the games have basically ended up either me picking jungle and having a good chance of winning or someone else picking it and me just dragging everyone’s else behind... I tried learning how to lane, but it’s tougher for me and it’s gonna take time.. at which leads me to these questions: Am I too late at this level to learn how to lane? And are my only options basically vs bots because matchmaking puts me with people who are about my skill when using Master Yi? And most of all... is this normal??
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