How to make win lane = win game?

Not really new player, Ive actually been playing the game for 5 years but Ive only gotten serious to climb up the ranked ladder recently. I'm currently Silver 3 but I was Iron 4 three weeks ago. I've been solo carrying 0/11 bots and stuff with nasus, tahm, voli, easily but it has gotten really boring that sometimes I want to play my mains in mid. And when I do play mid and play my mains seriously, I for sure win my lane 95% of the time and I push objectives. I am by no means a super skilled player but I've been playing for 5 years, my sidestepping has become pretty insane xD, and I'm pretty confident that I belong higher up in the ladder evident in my recent climbing of bronze and Iron. But my problem is that If I play those mid champs like zed, yasuo, ekko I usually I can't translate that lane lead into a victory. Any advices on how to carry with mid champs? Any advices on how to play around the map after winning lane? I cant seem to win unless I play the og solo carries. Thank you!
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