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So i finished my Exams and started league (was a dota player) and i used to keep switching to the two games when i would play LoL i would always go on 8 game wining streaks (but that was before lvl 20). Now after 20 lvl i am starting to get losing streaks 8 games loss and such. i have tried all the tips to remove tilt like break for 2 days and rest etc. But it doesnt help. My team ends up losing the lane and feeding the enemy about 4-5 kills and then start surrendering or to be honest even some games i feed but i take blame and i had some DCs a few games but otherwise i am always losing is it something to dowith matchmaking or maybe im heading to lvl 30 so they pair us with high lvl enemy so we can be prepared for ranked. idk but anyhow i loose many games and i hate that. plz tell me what to do about this. And give me a legit reason of why i am losing so much. i know loss in a game is the whole teams fault but not 8 games straight.
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