Lost on the rift

So I've been playing lol for around a year now and I got "relatively" mediocre at it (yes I'm a bronze scrub but not wood division I think you get the idea) now after getting the base understanding of the game I wanted to specialize in a certain role, but I just can't decide which one. I've been all over the rift and played a lot of different champions My favourites are Cho'Gath,Bard,Ryze,Jhin,Singed,Veigar,Ezreal,Aatrox,Mordekaiser,Gangplank,Aurelion Sol,Lucian,Shen and Kha'Zix. My playstyle is pretty passive. I rarely start fights and focus more on taking objectives so I'd rather avoid/ignore enemy champions or push them back to get to objectives. What do you think which role and lane should i choose?
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