What can I do to get out of Bronze?

HI Im brz 4 and I want to climb. Yes, I know most of you are tired of hearing the same question but it was 3 years ago that I wanted to climb the ladder, and since then I have become almost impossible to lose my mid lane that I play most games. Just last game I was 20/6/7 Akali. I am going to play the blame game because even with such score, I cannot win games. I feel like after 3 years, it's fair of me to say that my team doesn't actually perform as well as I do. Many occurrences where my team does not push/retrieve when required is often the cause of the losses. Just now, it was a 5v3 for us, and all the enemy team had was the last tower and nexus, but my team decided to solo into jungle. (yes i lost the game). In these 3 years, I've been told many feedbacks and advices so yes, I would say that my game knowledge would be of gold. And I dont chase kills. So, what could I do to win more games as I'm actually tired of winning my lane almost 99% of the time with avg KDA of 4 kills to 1 death. But late game, I cannot compete to play against the rest of the fed enemy team. Should I stick to yi, jax etc?
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