New top/support seeks advice.

So I started playing the game just recently and thought It'd be fun (silly me I've played this game before) I had a....rough start with all my friends being simply better and laughing at my, what they considered stupid mistakes. My most played characters are Thresh, Morgana and Pantheon. Now I have watched more than tutorials in my life about those chars, however, I'm not a pro.......Hook/Stun predictions are not a thing on casual draft or blind pick especially since I just hit lvl 30. Let's get to the point before I start writing my biography. As a support I generally don't have a lot of problems (Except a shit a ADC lmao). I can hit prob 40% of my stuns/hooks which may not look good.......but then again I'm new to this. I can dodge, usually, don't steal farm etc. Roaming is where I fail miserably. I always either follow the ADC or when he's dead just going through the jungle to mid till he comes back. Can't really think of anything else rn And now to top. Ohhhh boiiiii.....Where do I even start? I LOVE 2 characters in this game: {{champion:80}} and{{champion:77}} but dammmmmn soooon, DO I SUCK THE DDDD. I have never won a game with Udyr top and as much I love that character I just gave up on him. I accepted the fact that I will never be able to do anything with him. When It comes down to Pantheon.......Well, I suck. Either I get a bad matchup or (like last game) a 2v1 matchup on top. I never expected to be good, but sometimes I feel like I hit a new level of noobiness. My teammates never help me and the only thing I can expect is to be either trashtalked or reported, now I don't really care about both (Unless certain situations occur) but It's reaaally just discouraging for me to continue to play top. I would love to hear some advice for practically anything about Pantheon Udyr(Sion eventually) I don't really care about the more ,,expert,, stuff like lane freezing, hell I don't care about winning. All I want to is to stop feeding the enemy
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