Silver player looking for a top lane coach

Hi! My name is Jordan, i'm a support/jungle main and decided to try playing top this season after watching "The Glacierr", a diamond Garen main. So what am i looking for? I'm looking for a top lane main who can spare some time to coach me. either watching a replay with me or sharing screens on discord and commenting on live solo-queue/ etc. The style i'd like to main is basic/simple champions like garen/trundle (possibly yorick) that are fairly tanky, have auto attack resets to help me with farming and who can murder towers and in through split pushing so i don't have to rely too much on team mates. Some info about me: I'm 24, from south africa I play on 220-ish ping so farming is a little bit challenging hence the auto-attack resets ^^ I'm a student. Have discord/ts/ etc. I'm super willing to learn and take criticism. you don't have to be high elo but anyone who's a top main from about gold 1+ would be preferred. Thanks in advance! if you're keen to drop some knowledge, please add me in game Chaosllamma Peace
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