Advice regarding team behaviour - Lane choice.

**Disclaimer: I am looking for genuine advice here. ** So I am a relatively new player, installed league of legends about 2 months ago and have been having a blast playing with family and friends! _**Until now...**_ Now I'm level 28 and this is a typical queueing scenario for me (should point out I'm happy to play as a team member, if someone wants a lane, I'll give it up and play someone else without an issue) is like this. 1. I queue for summoners rift. 2. Claim a lane as usual. 3. Get completely ignored and end up in the jungle with Yi. 4. Decide that ok, sure, I claimed the lane first so I'm going to take it (which is what the rest do) and as soon as the game starts I am fallback pinged by every single player from every single lane to a point where I can't play. I either end up in the jungle minus jungle summoners or just literally can't do anything because (as in the last game where I had Jhin) nobody will leash for me (and Jhin is already rough to jungle with due to his reload mechanic)... I just genuinely don't know what to do, the last 9 games for me have been impossible to play because other people refuse to compromise..
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