Need a tip

What im supposed to do when im playing constantly 1v2 top lane. Like seriously what i can do? For example in my last game their support decided to int and he went top lane to play 2v1 on me. Im 100 % sure that should be ez game because bot could easily push like no tomorrow till inhib, even my mid or jungle could go to the bottom and win this game by this way but you know what? My team did shit. Usually i have good duels but im literally weak in situations when im 1v2 and my team just cant take advantage of it because they are 2 weak. So what im supposed to do when my pontential is lowered because they outnumber me before my snowball and i cant carry properly 1v2+ when meanwhile my team cant take advantage of it? Give me some tips or champs who can literally take shit out of enemies no matter if 1v2 or 1v5. Riot did great job with their game uprgades that you just cant be jax who can dodge tower shots, or cirt dmg runes. This game is so sad right now
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