I'm at a point where I am not sure who to play or what to do. Almost every game to every other game there is at least 2-3 feeders (including myself). I am extremely sad right now, I literally don't know what to do. I don't even know what taking a break is, I can't do anything else. I'm so lost, I don't understand why there isn't any relevant and up to date guides for ranked this year. Don't people want to help anymore? I feel empty inside. Support is fun but I can't win. Its impossible. Why is life like this, game and RL, Holy shit. I tried to focus on Brand to get through and learn stuff, but, he is banned almost every game. I was Bronze 1 2 days ago and now I am Bronze 4. Its getting lower everyday as well as my mentality. I don't know how to improve or what to look for in a replay. Ive sat down and watched them but I can't find what Im looking for - what is the mistakes Im doing wrong. I DONT KNOW. You can read this off and move on, but if someone out there can HELP ME, I would be the happiest Panda in the world. Ive lost 11 games in a row ... Im in Bronze 4. I was Bronze 1 yesterday. I played between Nami - Brand - Alistar ... but I just couldnt win at all. clearly Im at fault and Idk how to improve or maybe Im just dumb idk. Obviously I cant control how my team mates play and their decision making, but what can a support truly do change the game? Why should I place wards if no one checks the map, if no one can see the incoming threat to their lane? I don't get it. It tilts me so much, I will probably be banned.
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