CS improvement struggle

Hi Guys, I haven’t played any kind of MOBA games before league of legends. It was hard to understand how the game mechanics work and I still have troubles about to get higher rank despite the long journey since Season3. So, I thought that to share my hard-try and ask for some advice might be helpful. At the beginning, to find the spot where I am standing in teamfights, to control the map in order to avoid from being killed and guess the enemy’s route, to take minions more than 40 at 10 minute in any role, to play against some specific champions, to cast skill shot without being harassed, to earn gold more than enemy does and build earlier, to zone enemy and take the advantage in lane were all impossible for me. After plenty hours of gameplay and experienced half of whole champion pool, I had still a strong feeling of lack of something is crutial. I had started to watch twitch publisher’s didactive videos and to read some popular guides about farming or jungling. It was a long educational process and had lasted for years without any statistical improvement in my rank. I belived that the reason is the “ elo hell “ and I decided to create new accounts several times. Each same story reached the same inevitable end. Finally, now I can estimate where the enemy jungler is and which objective is that he would attempted to. I have two main roles and for each role I have a small champion pool ones of which I can play them in self-confident. I can farm and win lane against any champion. In the worst scenario I can stand for my turret and wait late game. I mind the importance of warding and farming. Now I am still trying to cope with two main struggles. First problem is that I can not find the way to sustain farming after 10 minute. In low elo, players eager to engage teamfights for no reaon even under disadventagous circumtances. Especially jungler does not hesitate to waste your lane’s minions with spamming skills and autoattacks. Other laners come to ‘roam’ and overstay while their lane opponent is taking turrets and farm freely. In this period, if you go their lane then they probably will ping you wildly and follow you, if you stay in your own lane, you share your lane’s experience points and minions with intruder. You can not push forward enough cause enemy jungler comes and defends. You find yourself too low in farm and gold in comparison with your lane opponent who was lower than you in early game. This moment is the catastrophe of the game for me. I desperately desire to find a way to farm and stay strong in the game. The question is that: What should I do when a lane broken and the laners abuse my lane? Second problem, my main champions are not hyper carries and can not hit turrets. On the one hand I like to play cc champions like Annie, ChoGath or Swain instead of playing hard carriers like Akali,Zed,Yasuo. On the other hand I care my mental health and I prefer to not get cancer. I have searched for champions which can carry the game alone and funny to play with. Trundle, Shaco, Kayle, Ziggs and Tryndamere is the champions I found. Still, I am on a process to rebuild my champion pool and I need more champions to add. Any comment and advice would be appreciated 🙏🏻 If you read this, thanks full of my heart ❤️
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