Looking for some tips on how to help my sister get a better understanding of LoL

My sister finally started wanting to play league! She already had an account in lvl 20 when she asked to play with me and has mostly just been playing with stupid guys trying to dumb the game down for her... "don't take flash it's to difficult for you to use use ghost instead" _Mumble grumble stupid guys making her play bad mumble grumble_ Buuuut as we're playing I'm starting to realize I have no idea how to teach her... I've showed her some basic things like how runes work, and how you need to spend some time experimenting with them to understand why this is better with this champion than that. She plays support, loves playing Blitz and has had some fun with Janna. Difficulties playing soraka as she wants to be IN the fight, not behind it. Remembering to use summoners is difficult but tbh I have the same problem. Positioning and who to engage on and why is something that she has a small understanding of but doesn't quite... get it. So, the usual new person in league problems! But since I had idiots of friends who just told me "you'll figure it out yourself" I have no idea how to help her understand the game better! Any tips for what I can to do teach her?
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