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Good night to everyone, I have a bad/reasonable computer and i'm quite sick of the new league of legends client, the client is so damn slow it made me leave a game because i couldn't change the runes, change summoner spells and swap champion with someone in time and now i have the low priority queue and i can't have an higher honor level because of the client that has always laggs. Yes i do have the client on low spec mode but still it is so god damn slow, and it's weird because ingame i can play with no breaks and laggs with the graphics on high. So please, can you do something about this? It's really god damn annoying and i'm sure there are players who have a bad/reasonable computer have the same problem as I. Can you do something about it? It would bring joy and happiness to a lot of players, not everyone has the freedom and money to afford a gaming computer. {{champion:32}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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